White Crow

Submission Guidelines

White Crow is currently on hiatus. We are not accepting submissions at this time.

All submissions must be sent via e-mail.

If you are submitting both fiction and poetry, you must send them in separate submissions.

Send no more than five poems per submission. If you are submitting fiction, please send no more than 3000 words. Acceptable formats include plain text, RTF, MS-Word, PDF.

We are currently backlogged. Our response time is approximately eight months to one year, so be patient. We therefore will accept simultaneous submissions, but expect authors to contact us as soon as possible if their work is accepted elsewhere.

It's particularly nice if you include a short note with some biographical information, that way, in the event that your work is accepted, we don't have to make up ridiculous things about you for our often hilarious Contributors' Notes.

Poetry: we are looking for previously unpublished narrative free verse with tangible detail and depth of emotion.

Fiction: we are looking for previously unpublished short stories featuring characters faced with difficult decisions. The conflict and the character should determine plot development. We don't like easy endings. We feel the use of tangible detail is key to both setting scene and revealing character.

We highly recommend perusing archives of past issues here on the site, or purchasing a sample issue for $2.50.

Edit carefully. We try to look past careless errors, but spelling and grammar mistakes really stick out (yes, grammar matters in both fiction and poetry, especially if it has a serious effect on meaning, or if it distracts the reader from the work as a whole). Read your work aloud—this is one of the best ways to discover what sounds right and what doesn't. We want to see finished works, not first drafts.

We've stopped offering comments and suggestions with returned mss. We would love to continue the practice, but it is simply unreasonable with our current volume of submissions.

We hope to read your works soon. We appreciate the time and patience that authors extend to us. Best of luck to all.

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